Office of the President

Eric Fanning

President & Chief Executive Officer, Aerospace Industries Association

Peter Prowitt

Chief Operating Officer, Aerospace Industries Association

Kristie Primmer

Executive Assistant to the President & CEO, Aerospace Industries Association

Civil Aviation

David Silver

Vice President, Civil Aviation

Leslie Riegle

Assistant Vice President, Civil Aviation

Karina Perez

Director, Unmanned and Emerging Aviation Technologies

Peggy Boyd

Senior Coordinator, Civil Aviation, Space Systems, & Technical Operations

International Affairs

Remy Nathan

Senior Vice President for Policy

Dak Hardwick

Assistant Vice President, International Affairs

Kelvin Stroud

Director, International Affairs & Policy Integration

Shannon Mulhern

Manager, International Affairs

National Security Policy

John Luddy

Vice President, National Security Policy

Jason Timm

Director, Defense Policy & Integration

David Turkovic

Director, Industrial Policy

Space Systems

Mike French

Vice President, Space Systems

John Galer

Assistant Vice President National Security Space

Ilsa Mroz

Manager, Space Systems

Technical Operations

Rusty Rentsch

Vice President, Technical Operations

Gery Mras

Director, Lifecycle Management


Alison Lynn

Vice President, Communications

Jon Corley

Senior Director, Communications

Jed Shein

Senior Director, Communications

Whitney Smith

Director, Communications

Tom Mattocks

Director, Communications

Katrina Hill

Director, American Rocketry Challenge

Sue Perez

Manager, Digital Assets

Lauren Taylor

Manager, Member Communications

Chancè Lane

Coordinator, Communications, Legislative Affairs, & Strategic Initiatives

Legislative Affairs

Timothy McClees

Vice President, Legislative Affairs

Richard Efford

Assistant Vice President, Legislative Affairs

Jeffrey Wilson

Director, Legislative Affairs

Katarina DeFilippo

Manager, Legislative Affairs

Scott Harris

Manager, Legislative Affairs

Strategic Initiatives

Alex Wagner

Vice President, Strategic Initiatives

Marybeth N. Lilly

Manager, Talent & Workforce Policy


Ben Stone

Vice President, Membership & Strategic Development

Christopher Carnahan

Assistant Vice President, Standards

Denise Brassé

Director, Membership

Sherry Epperson

Director, International Programs

Nathaniel Phillips

Director, Standards

Tiffany Brumfield

Manager, Database & Membership Operations

Bry Spinella

Manager, International Programs & Policy Integration

Chloe Wolchko

Standards Engineer, National Aerospace Standards (NAS) Program

Jamie Wolf

Coordinator, Membership & Standards

Corporate Events

Monika Nielsen, CMP

Vice President, Corporate Events

Kristyn Walecka

Coordinator, Corporate Events

Financial Services

Nina Schwartz

Director, Financial Services & Human Resources

Human Resources

Brian Crowley

Assistant Vice President, Human Resources & Operations

Farah Hussain

Coordinator, Human Resources & Operations